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XhibitSignage | Content-rich Digital Signage Software

About XhibitSignage

Adding Media

XhibitSignage: A digital signage software for managing networks remotely over the internet.


The web-based CMS allows users to upload media, create templates, and publish content.

Add media files including images, videos, scrolling text feeds, RSS, weather and more!

2017 Best Signage Software

Content-rich digital signage software

Winner of the 2017 DIGI Award for Best  Software

Editing Media

Creating Playlists

Types of Media

Choose from social media content, web media (HTML), & dynamic widgets (YouTube, maps, & charts).

Customize and preview the media files within the media library tab.

Build dynamic playlists based on content tags with media that auto-updates. 


Cloud-based digital signage solutions for the remote management of a network of digital signs



Screen Layout Editor

Layering Zones

Drag-n-drop editor enables dynamic content screen layouts via user-defined zones.

Content zones can be layered upon one another, with border and opacity effects.

Schedule and publish media, playlist or templates or a mix for specific dates and times. 

Device Management

Reporting Options

Manage your connected players from the XhibitSignage device library tab.

Download playback log that dates back  weeks and months to produce proof-of-play reports.

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